11 Secrets for shattering the 6-figure barrier: lessons from US solopreneurs with Angela Heath

Did you know that small business owners face an elusive six-figure barrier?
Discover the secrets of US solopreneurs that help them focus as they build the necessary business foundations for success. Examine your own operations against best practices and determine how you can uplevel and scale your business.

In this session, you will:
1. Discover how to maintain lazer focus on your mission
2. Examine the foundational lead generation to lead conversion strategies that work
3. Understand how to build freedom into your business as you earn more.

Not only is Ms. Heath known for developing award-winning national programs and campaigns, she also is a champion for self employed experts. In recent years, she has created several courses that teach baby boomers how to earn income using what they already know and has organized conference and summits during national and global entrepreneurship celebrations to focus attention on the value of the solo entrepreneur. From curriculum design to materials creation to coaching/mentoring, Angela Heath brings practical tactics and strategies to her audiences.

Ms. Heath is the author of five books. Her latest book, released this summer, guides solo entrepreneurs on scaling their business.


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