12 Ways to Accelerate Business Growth – Simon Severino, Author of Strategy Sprints

Simon Severino is the author and CEO of Strategy Sprints. His business assists companies in operating more efficiently so they can scale. His team of certified coaches doubles revenue in 90 days.

In this episode, we discuss the Strategy Sprints methodology, tools for growing businesses to $1 million in revenue, businesses obstructing themselves from growth, Businesses to start in 2022, Referral partnerships, buyer intent and so much more.

Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints. This growth consulting firm helps businesses scale by improving operations. Its slogan is that it can double revenue in 90 days.

[00:00:00] Intro.
[00:02:31] Starting career.
[00:06:34] Strategy Sprints methodology.
[00:10:44] Working with business at a threshold.
[00:12:43] People discovering Simon’s business.
[00:13:53] Return on luck framework.
[00:16:08] Referral partnerships.
[00:18:34] Businesses obstruct themselves from growth.
[00:23:57] Buyer intent.
[00:28:38] Businesses to start in 2022.
[00:30:44] Tools for growing businesses to $1 million in revenue.
[00:33:08] Three Takeaways.

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Resources Mentioned in The Episode:
• Habits and success (Book): amazon.com/Habits-Success-Entrepreneurs-Routinely-Business-ebook
• Sprint by Jake Knapp (Book): thesprintbook.com

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