19 Year-Old Starts a Trucking Business

A trucking business is a great choice for anyone looking for a recession-proof industry. As long as companies need to transport goods, trucking companies will have plenty of clients eager for their services.

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In this video, Mikael Sant, founder of Sant Lines, will share his advice on how to start a trucking company from scratch. Mikael has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Although he’s still a teenager, Sant Lines is just one of seven businesses he’s started and owns. He saw the industry’s potential through a friend whose family are owner-operators and started researching how to start a trucking business of his own.

He founded Sant Lines in May of 2021, and in its first three months of operation, brought in more than $150,000 in revenue. In just over a year, he’s expanded from one truck to a fleet of five, with plans to grow even further by the end of 2022.

Maybe most impressive is that Mikael has accomplished this as a self-taught entrepreneur with no prior experience in the trucking industry. We’ll find out how he developed the skills to effectively lead a trucking company and build his business from the ground up.

He’ll share how much it cost him to get started and how he financed that investment, along with the systems he implemented to manage the business and how he grew brand awareness and found his first customers. If you’re in the transportation industry, or thinking about starting a trucking business, you’ll definitely want to hear Mikael’s insights! And if you’re looking for more advice from business owners, check out some of our past interviews:

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0:00 Intro
1:08 A 19 Year Old with a Million Dollar Company
2:33 The Best Freight To Haul
3:47 How To Manage Your Budgets
4:23 What It Costs To Own a Trucking Business
5:20 Systems and Processes
6:10 How To Keep Your Trucks in Shape
6:46 The Benefits of Having a CDL
8:47 Key To Profiting Fast
9:25 Key Tips for Beginners
11:09 Truck Equipment You NEED
12:47 How To Find Hauling Customers
15:07 Use THIS If You Struggle To Find Customers
16:32 Revenue of a Trucking Business
18:05 Mikael’s Deep Interview Process
19:43 Building Brand Awareness
20:28 How To Handle Inflation
21:14 Disadvantages of Being a Young Entrepreneur
22:53 The Most Profitable Truck
23:53 Mikael’s Truck Types and Purposes
24:58 Mikael’s Recommended Storage Space
26:07 Going For a Ride in Mikael’s Truck
27:26 Important Parts of a Business Plan
28:06 What Mikael Does on His Off Time
28:57 Advice on Buying Your First Truck
30:43 Managing and Paying Employees
31:35 Important Trucking Regulations
32:11 Expanding Sant Lines
33:12 Challenges in the Trucking Business
34:19 Scaling Your Business Smoothly
35:55 Buying vs. Leasing Trucks
36:30 Managing the Workflow
38:33 Mikael’s Secret

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