2.4 MOTIVATION & DEMOTIVATION / IB BUSINESS MANAGEMENT / motivation theories, rewards, training…

0:00 Intro & objectives
0:47 Motivation
2:50 Taylor’s scientific management (SL and HL)
6:44 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (SL and HL)
9:40 Herzberg’s two-factor theory (SL and HL)
15:22 McClelland’s acquired needs theory (HL only)
18:38 Deci & Ryan’s self-determination theory (HL only)
21:32 Adams & Vroom’s equity and expectancy theory (HL only)
26:20 Financial & non-financial rewards
34:29 Training: induction, on-the-job, off-the-job
37:58 Labour turnover & staff retention
38:55 Appraisal: formative, summative, self-, 360-degree feedback
42:01 Recruitment process (including internal vs external recruitment)
53:01 Back to objectives
16 Personalities Test: https://www.16personalities.com/
The main point of this class is to understand a lot of stuff that relates to HR. On the one hand, the amount of information you need to process is high, but on the other hand, everything is pretty easy to understand and digest.
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