3 Dimensional Time Management Training _ Let’s accelerate your career, business and life.

Do you frequently struggle to arrive on time? 💥💥

Are you constantly late for work, meetings, or meeting deadlines?💥💥⌛

If you find that no matter how hard you try,
you are always late,
you are a victim of your own time failings.

This, of course, is problematic
in terms of your career because
it eats away at your credibility and
may force you to face poor performance issues.💣

these punctuality issues⌛
cause people to constantly shuffle things around,
they constantly attempt to do multiple things at once,
resulting in
feelings of stress, 🤯
low energy, and 😩
lack of decisiveness.😵

My colleague at SMEDA,
Syed Rehan Ali,
has been conducting
‘Time Management’ workshops since 2012 and
has been helping such individuals
achieve performance excellence.

He will be sharing his
👉valuable experience
as well as guiding you
✌to improve
your time management skills
👍using proven tools and methodologies.

📢The registrations are open till 14th July

📍link to registration in the comments


Ammara Zareen helps entrepreneurs start and scale a business through STRATEGY Consultation, ENTRPRENEURSHIP Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

Often times entrepreneurs feel stuck or overwhelmed by the changing dynamics of the market or ….
they feel stuck in scaling their businesses/ getting more profits or ….
want to explore new ways of marketing and selling their product/ services

That’s where I come in….
as an experienced entrepreneur and a business consultant I can provide you a fresh perspective and a pragmatic approach to scale a business while minimizing your risk.

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