3 reasons being a perfectionist will keep you from scaling your business

Wanting work to be done well is great but if you end up being obsessed with perfection, you will end up not taking action on what you need to do to move the needle forward in your business. This video outlines the 3 problems that’ll arise if you are a business owner focusing on the small details rather than the big picture.

Hi there! I’m Kris, entrepreneur and director at KVM Design, a company offering outsourcing services for designers and architects worldwide. I help designers understand the many benefits of delegating the bulk of their work to increase their productivity and work smarter, not harder.
By freeing up some of their time, they can focus on
✔︎ staying in their zone of genius: being creative and doing what matters the most in their business
✔︎ nurturing their existing clients + improving their services/ quality of their work
✔︎ focusing on strategy (CEO time) to SCALE their business + get a constant flow of clients

My Youtube channel and social media platforms provide tips about productivity/ mindset/ freelancing and what it takes to start a business/ benefits of delegating/ scaling your business and more…

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