5 Waste Management Business Ideas – Future इसका है | Waste Management Training Courses की भी जानकारी

Find 5 profitable business ideas in the sector of Waste management. Also find the information about the training programs run by government to deal with this waste, be it solid waste, e-waste, biomedical waste, plastic waste etc.
As the world moves toward green economy and clean energy/ green energy, these businesses become all the more relevant and important.
Useful for all men and women interested in waste management opportunities.

1. Green Skills Development Program (GSDP) website: http://gsdp-envis.gov.in/Index.aspx
2. Training Program centers list: http://gsdp-envis.gov.in/Upload/List_for_duration.pdf
Look for “Waste Management”. (See item number 23 in current list)

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