5 Ways To Reduce Labour Costs For Restaurants | Restaurant Management & Small Business Tips 2020

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Want to increase your profits? Here are 5 ways to reduce labour cost for restaurants and small businesses…

Labor is one of the big 3 costs for restaurants and small businesses. In the last video I talked about how to calculate your labour cost. Now that you know what it is, you’re now ready to put on your detective hat and lower your labour costs.

These 5 ways to cut labour costs are what I do and have done to grow my businesses and increase my profits. Many of them are TIED to how you manage your restaurant staff, retaining good talent, creating a positive culture, and making your business more efficient. All which benefit you, your staff, and customers.

It is important you approach these 5 ways appropriately. You shouldn’t do so in a cut throat manner just to make more money. Things like paying your staff more and cross-training may look like you’re increasing your labour cost, but long-term you’re saving you a lot more money. That’s because you’re willing to pay your good staff more, you’re willing to train your staff to do multiple roles – each helps build staff loyalty, satisfaction, and more accountability. Which all helps in reducing staff turnover and makes your staff more motivated to do a good job. It is with THIS mindset you should be having if you want to truly run a successful restaurant.

So if you’re a restaurant owner, food business owner, restaurant manager, small business owner, and are looking to reduce labor costs or increase profits, or how to start a successful restaurant, then keep watching!

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