5th point Rope Access Training Business & Equipment Management

Leigh Greenwood from 5th Point Rope Access Training Centre on tracking and equipment


Make it easy for your clients to sign & approve your quotes straight from within their email. Get quotes approved and signed electronically before starting work so you know you are covered if ever a client tries to do a funny one on you.

Easy drag & drop scheduling, every contractor’s dream. On desktop or mobile, easily and quickly schedule jobs and assign workers. As soon as staff are scheduled they can see all information related to the job including scope of works, picklist, JHA, site address and site contact.

Never miss recurring jobs again with our repeat job function. You can even assign default staff to be scheduled automatically for every visit and let JGID do all the scheduling work for you. Keep notes & photos for future repetitions so you get the details right – every time, no matter who you send to do the job.

Order Materials for individual jobs or bundle them together to save on shipping. Based on your quote or job scope, simply pick the items you need, specify delivery address and any special instructions and email your order to your supplier of choice.

Your team know where to go, what to do, what to bring and who to contact. Automatic scope of works, tool picklists and JHA’s / SWMS’s via the mobile interface make downtime on site a thing of the past. And best of all, no more countless, long text messages every night telling workers where to go the next day. It’s time to enjoy your evenings again!

GPS stamped clock in & out function allows workers to do timesheets for every job. Now you know which jobs are on time and which ones are going over. Getting timesheets daily also means you no longer have to chase timesheets at the end of the week, just to find out that there are discrepancies amongst your workers’ hours.

Automatically create invoices once jobs are completed or make progress invoices for line items while a job is in progress. Quick & easy invoicing has made cashflow problems and office work at night or on weekends a thing of the past. With JGID invoicing has become so amazingly easy to do anywhere and anytime, that your invoices can be in the clients inbox within seconds of completing the job.