6 Reasons Why Your Small Business is Still Small

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Growing your business on social media allows more leeway for reaching potential customers, increasing your overall sales. Watch this video if you want to see your small business grow fast!

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The U.S. Small Business Association defined a small business as:

…“one that employs fewer than 1,500 people and generates a maximum annual revenue of $41.5 million.”

But some of you reading may be thinking, “1,500 people?? Try me, myself, and I! I’m a one-man show over here!”

Or maybe you do have a small, very close-knit team, but you’re still in the thick of the startup struggle.

Feeling like you’re working round the clock every single day but still failing to really grow. 

If that sounds like you, there are 6 things we can think of right off the bat you might be doing wrong that’s stunting your growth. 

Read till the end of this post because we’re sharing 6 reasons why your small business is still small.

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