7 Biggest Money Making Secrets To Get Rich Fast In Your 20s | Ft @Finance With Sharan | FO 60

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In this latest episode of Figuring Out Podcast we are in conversation with Sharan Hegde and we have discussed “Top 7 Things About Money Which Every Person Should Know In Their 20s To Make A Lot Of Money”.

Sharan Hegde is the founder of Finance with Sharan, where through his social media channels he creates content to educate people about finance, money management and investments. He is a former consultant who worked on strategy projects with banks and NBFCs.

He began his influencer journey during the pandemic. After consuming hours of video content and studying various content creators all over the world, he started his own venture focused on the one buzzword that puzzles all millennials today – personal finance. He has over a million followers on his Instagram channel @Finance With Sharan.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Book launch announcement
02:15 – Make money through wifi
03:44 – Money you need for retirement
05:04 – Money is time not price
06:32 – Know your risk appetite
07:36 – Making money vs cutting cost
10:44 – Invest in liquid asset classes
13:20 – How to generate wealth?
18:35 – Conclusion

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