7 Small Business Tips to Grow Faster in the New Normal

Uncertainty is the only certainty. The pandemic had heavy impacts but these small businesses tips can help you grow faster in the new normal. Read the in-depth article at https://dwr.com.au/7-small-business-tips-to-grow-faster/

This overview includes:
00:00 The challenges small businesses are facing
00:17 Understand your customers better with analytics, surveys, and CRM logs
00:32 Gain more new customers through referrals
00:40 Schedule and automate your social media posting
00:50 Make team collaboration easier with video conferencing and cloud applications
00:59 Reduce manual processes to boost inventory efficiency
01:09 Use the 80/20 can identify automation opportunities
01:22 The value of an experienced technology partner
01:31 The next step to leap ahead

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