A Guide To Scaling, Growing & Maintaining Your Marketplace | Marketplace Masterclass

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In the Marketplace Masterclass series you will learn all about creating a marketplace business model, designing and developing a marketplace as well as scaling and marketing it. In today’s episode we will dive into scaling, growing and maintaining your marketplace with tips from our expert Growth Marketer on how to maximize growth of your online business.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 Setting Your Expectations
02:03 Reaching Potential Users
03:23 How To Scale Up Your Marketplace?
07:08 Marketing And Promotion
07:30 SEO & SEM
08:02 Email Marketing
08:25 Social Media Ads
09:07 Measuring The Success Of Your Marketplace
09:34 Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)
10:07 Buyer & Seller Liquidity
11:13 Take Rate
11:43 Average Order Value (AOV)
12:27 Net Promoter Score (NPS)
12:50 What Makes Us Experts On This Topic?
13:12 Outro

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