A quick overview of Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training


APMG International colleagues Suchitra Jacob and Stephan Brendel get together for a discussion across the miles to talk about Stephan’s experience of attending BRMP class and the benefits he has gained since becoming a qualified Business Relationship Management Professional. (BRMP). Stephan explains to Suchitra how he has been able to implement some key takeaways since passing his exam – He discusses relationships, the BRM Institute Body of Knowledge ‘toolbox’ and the key takeaways he uses in his role regularly.

What is Business Relationship Management?
Business relationship management (BRM) is a philosophy, capability, discipline, and role to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose.

Why is the BRM role useful in today’s workplace?
A Business Relationship Management Capability is everything it takes, both visible and behind the scenes, to nurture relationships in an organization, creating a limitless supply of energy necessary to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose.

Getting started in BRM
Find out more by reading some great blogs and candidate feedback on APMG International. Business Relationship Management is a growing discipline as more and organizations discover the benefits of building relationships, strengthening strategic partnerships and utilising the invaluable toolkits available – and it all starts with training for the BRMP

Discover more about BRMP and CBRM training and certification https://apmg-international.com/product/brm
Become a member of the BRM Institute https://brm.institute/