ADP Workforce Now – a complete Human Capital Management solution

ADP Workforce Now is a fully integrated suite of Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Time and Talent solutions. Harness the power of ADP Workforce Now – built to free you from the mundane and let you focus on your people and driving business results. ADP Workforce Now was designed from the ground up so you can have confidence that all the data you need to make decisions to drive your business forward is at your fingertips.

The less time that you have to spend in a software product means that you can spend more time with your employees, developing your managers and creating an engaging workplace. With the depth and of data at your fingertips you can provide meaningful insights to drive business results.

At ADP, We took the time to make our systems simple. Not inflexible or unsophisticated – simply easier to use. When dealing with so much aggregate data, it’s easy to be held hostage by navigating what you need, when you need it. Workforce Now puts a focus on the user experience and as a result, our produces are easier to use.

People are the center of every thriving and successful business. As organizations evolve, they need to quickly acquire the right people so that they can be responsive to their customers and grow their business. ADP Workforce Now helps you attract the right talent by creating your own job boards. Recruit for the skills you need to grow your workforce. Quickly hire your applicants and get your new employees on the payroll with simple, configurable
templates. Create a true pay for performance culture by implementing a compensate strategy that rewards your
highest performers. And with online document storage, you can tag and store all of your employee documents in the cloud so any of the uploaded documents are easy to locate.

If the Affordable Care Act is a concern for you, ADP has solutions to help keep you compliant with the ACA mandates and Workforce Now tracks the data you need to have peace of mind.

Empowering people. Driving business results.