Asking Small Business Owners for Entrepreneurship Advice

In this video, I ask small business owners in Southern California about what business they own, how they got started, how much money their business is bringing in, and a bunch of other questions about entrepreneurship and personal finance!

Most of the time, we support small businesses without even knowing who is behind the scenes, which is why I wanted to make this video to shed light on a really cool community! Be sure to watch through every single business owner because there were so many gems that can benefit anyone looking to start their own business in the future!

Learn more about the Alibaba Manifest Grants Program below:

Applications for the 2022 Manifest Grants Program are now open! In partnership with Hello Alice, they are awarding 50 US SMBs a $10,000 cash grant and $5,000 in logistics services when sourcing on to celebrate their innovativeness and enhance the competitive edge of their products. All applicants and recipients will be eligible to receive an additional host of benefits from select partners, including Indiegogo, AMZScout, and more.

Eligible small businesses must:
📍 Be a registered business based in the United States
📦 Have a new or existing innovative physical product, currently on the market or expected to be viable within 6 months

Apply by November 30th at 6pm ET for your chance to “manifest” your most innovative product ideas! Start your application here:

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Thea
3:38 – Ryan
6:43 – Alibaba Manifest Grants Program
8:07 – Edmund
10:48 – Melissa
14:16 – Long
16:40 – Jeff
10:45 – Conclusion