AT&T Combined Bill for Small Business

A combined bill allows you to receive one bill for various AT&T services such as wireline, wireless, and long distance.

Video Transcript:

You are a valued AT&T small business customer we want to provide you with helpful tools such as this bill explanation video.

A combined bill allows you to receive one bill for various services such as wireline, wireless, and long distance. Let’s get started.

In the Bill-at-a-glance section, you will notice the total amount due after any charges, adjustments or balance forward.

In the Billing Summary you will notice the total charges for wireline, wireless, and long distance services. The charges for each of these sections are represented in the total current charges. Notice the 800 numbers that correspond with each of the services may differ from each other. If you require further assistance with your wireless service, you may call 1-800-331-0500 — or if you need help with your wireline account, in this example the contact number is 1-800-559-7928. Make sure you refer to the appropriate 800 number on your invoice in order to receive the fastest service. Keep in mind that chat options may also be available for wireless service by visiting

In the PLANS and SERVICES section you will find a per line breakdown of the charges for all the wireline charges associated with the account. In this example, the bill displays per line charges for the Business Local Calling Unlimited plans for 3 lines of service.

The AT&T Wireless Services section displays a per number breakdown of all the wireless charges. You will notice the monthly service charges with each number as well as any adjustments and data charges. You will also find an explanation of any rollover balance including expiring rollover minutes and new unused minutes that have been added.

Detailed charges for long distance calls placed from your wireline accounts can be located in the AT&T Long Distance section.

AT&T’s bill design helps you understand your bill with clear, concise and organized bill sections.

Thank you for choosing AT&T.