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5 – The Family Business – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management #5

Lecture: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Lecturer: DennisTheProfessor This lecture was recorded live on Join the lecture live & ask questions via For Alerts on upcoming lectures: Follow Dennis on Twitter @DennisTheProf Brought to you by the supporters of the DennisTheProfessor not-for-profit, founded with the mission of bringing access to education worldwide for […]

How I Organize My Business Finances, Taxes, etc. (THE BASICS!)

I hope you enjoy this beginner’s overview into small business finances / legal stuff / taxes. Be sure to look into Quickbooks which has been an absolute lifesaver for me! QUICKBOOKS: MENTIONED ▸ quickbooks | WHAT’S NEXT ▸ subscribe to my youtube channel | ▸ check out my blog | ▸ […]

Best Small Business Apps / Tools That Are FREE!

11.4 small business apps or tools that are free! Free business tools and apps for you the business owner to make your life easier! The ones I listed have free forever options at this point! Yes, some have upgrades, but I have not used those. These are the ones I use on a daily or […]

4 Small Business Cash Flow Must-Dos

“Cash flow” can feel like four-letter words to small business owners. Whether they’ve got a steady stream or a lazy river, there are some things entrepreneurs must do in order to ensure Chaos Inc. doesn’t drain them. Stressing out over cash flow leads to chaotic management, self-doubt, and saying yes to just about anything. So […]

Top 5 Problems of Small Business Management

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