Benedikt Schulz | EN | Robo Advisory and New Business Models | finfinity #12 | Part 2 of 3

European zero interest policies make it worthwhile for private persons to consider investment in ETFs on the stock market. But few people do so, out of skepticism or due to financial illiteracy. Robo advisors can provide easy opportunities to enter investing and optimize their portfolios without jumping in at the deep end.

Benedikt Schulz, Chief of Operations at insoro, knows that not all robo advisors are created equal. He gives an overview of “Robo Advisory and the New Business Models in Modern Portfolio Management”.

It’s the third presentation of the #Finfinity meetup #12 introducing “Fintech Made in Cologne”.

Part 1: (Arne Horn on “b1ai – Predictive Analytics for Banking Institutes”)

Part 2: (Martin Grass on “Manage Payments, Not Data – BI and Analytics for Merchants”)

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