Business Coaching Management Growth Strategy

Business Coaching Management Growth Strategy

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Join With Great Power every Wednesday at 11am MST, to discuss what is going on in the world of business and in life. In today’s show we will discuss what’s blocking you? Discover some of the beliefs you may hold that are affecting your life both professionally and personally. Today’s guests are Stephanie Roth (discussing the topic from the business perspective); and Brandy Hancock (discussing the topic from the personal perspective). Stephanie, also known as The Relationship Maven, is an award-winning author, a popular motivational speaker and trainer, and a relationship coach specializing in communication and connection. Stephanie shows businesses how to initiate and maintain communication among their employees to increase morale and productivity during these turbulent times. She teaches people how to speak up and ask for what they want, how to recognize and honor differences in various personality types, and how to embrace those differences to get the job done. You can learn more about Stephanie at Brandy is the VP of Client Relations at THe House 001. She has spent her live trying to remove the roadblocks, ie “stories that we tell ourselves”, to make better choices and live a more positive way of living. Coming soon, you can find more about Brandy at With Great Power you will gain an awareness of what is possible for you to create. Join us for a fresh perspective on what is going on in business and in life in today’s world. Hear about new science, technologies, and energies that are affecting both your business and you.