business management basics guide for small business owners

business management basics guide for small business owners. in the beginning, you as the owner will perform all your start-up’s chores, or at least you will personally see to it that they get done. well, you’ll personally take care of all the important tasks at least — those responsibilities that will, down the road, either make or break your enterprise if they aren’t done correctly.

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Financial Accounting: Foundations |
Financial Accounting: Advanced Topics |
Marketing Management: Foundations |
Marketing Management: Advanced Topics |

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time stamps
intro 00:00
business management overview 00:06
buying insurance 01:22
paying taxes 07:53
leases 08:45
maintaining employee records 10:11
checks 11:29
outsourcing 12:52
accounting management 18:25
controlling your expenses 38:03
budgeting 42:53
vendors 46:25
outsiders 49:34