Business Owners: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media

Business Owners: stop comparing yourself to others on social media!

If you’re struggling to stop comparing yourself to others on social media – this video is for you! As an online business owner, it’s easy to let comparisonitis hold you back. These tips will help you quiet your inner mean girl and learn how to stop comparing yourself to others. (We’re talking deep work, journal prompts and more!)


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It’s easy for us to tell ourselves “I’m not good enough.” Why do we compare ourselves to others so often? This video will show you the secret motivation your brain has behind all the comparison that holds you back. Watch for journal prompts on how to be enough for yourself, and to stop self comparison. Once you understand the question, “why do I compare myself?” – you’ll start to understand how to be confident in the way that you show up. In this video, you’ll find very specific journaling strategies that are so much more than self love journaling prompts. These strategies will help you kick your comparisonitis for good.


What’s in this video:
(00:00) How To Stop Comparing Yourself to others
(03:32) How to Reconnect Everyday (how to be confident)
(2:40) What to do if I think I’m not good enough
(3:06) How to stop questioning your expertise
(3:45) How to remind yourself your dreams are NOT too big
(04:42) Have a section in your journal dedicated to THIS – journal prompts for self growth
(05:40) Journal Prompt 1 – “I am worthy of” Statements for self care
(06:00) Journal Prompt 2 – How to Write a Letter to your Inner Mean Girl for self growth

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