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Business Relationship Management | Grow Your Business
Guest: Valerie Cobb
Cell: (208) 425-7542
Host: Marcelino Dodge, EA
(719) 336-8739
The number of businesses that fail in the United States is staggering. How does a business survive the two, three, five, and 10-year time horizons? Building relationships will help to empower you to feel confident about business growth. We will discuss strategies small businesses can use to safeguard and hedge their bets, during start-up or to get past the two-year hurdle for sustainable growth. Learn how small businesses can be resurrected after stalling or losing market share. Do large companies have an advantage? Can even a small company use outsourcing? How do taxes come into all this? We will discuss how small business can compete and thrive by simply changing their thinking and developing the right relationships.

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