Capacity Building Discussions: Hacking the Project Cycle

The Warhol Academy presents a project development conversation with professionals Garrett Cooper, Owner of Propelicy, Dennis Guy, Co-owner of First Sip Brewbox and First Sip Studios, and Nathan Wadding, Owner of Skinny Tie Media. Our Program Manager, Ryan Haggerty, moderates as Maddi and Nicole share their insights on how their built their networks, skill sets, and career paths to become leading professionals in the digital marketing sector.

Topics discussed include tips for better project planning, factoring in working with and managing people on projects, how to continue to learn on the job, as well as best practices and trends they are following as they continue to their marketing journeys.

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00:00 | Title intro
00:08 | Intro to the Warhol Academy and the Discussion Topic
01:06 | Introduction to Garrett Cooper
03:53 | Introduction to Dennis Guy
08:33 | Introduction to Nathan Wadding
13:26 | Q: What is your focus in your current work?
26:33 | Q: What is key to consider during the project uptake or planning process?
39:31 | Q: How do you continue to learn and grow in your work?
54:32 | Q: What are some things people who are just starting out should not worry about so much?