Cashflow Management Explained for small business UK

What is cashflow management?
Why is cashflow management so important for UK small business?
How does a business manage money?
Cashflow management strategies for small business

This video answers these questions and outlines Sarah’s Top Tips for improving the cashflow in your UK small business

Credit control Process:
00:00 Introduction
03:43 Cashflow Forecast
04:12 Measure Debtor Days and Plan to Improve
04:53 Good credit control process
05:17 Invoice early and accurately
05:28 Make it easy to pay
05:46 Understand client payment terms and cycles
06:13 Understand your product and services margins
06:24 Discount if desperate
06:36 Increase your prices
06:55 Lease rather than buy
07:14 Understand cash impact of business decisions
07:36 Time to pay arrangements with HMRC
08:22 File and pay any liabilities on time
08:39 Review debt and consolidate if appropriate
09:13 Grade your clients and sack the ‘D’s