Coffee With Jeremy: Lessons Learned from Starting a small Business

This installment of #CoffeeWithJeremy focuses on lessons learned from starting a small business.
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We’ve spent recent episodes talking about the power of collaboration on a larger scale, but collaboration can come in many fashions.
This week we talk with nathan blodgett, co-owner of District Spice , whose “salt-free, artisanal spice blends will enable you to bring bold and unique flavors to your dining table.
As many of our clients are small business owners and as small business is the key to a local economy, this is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss.
Join us as we tap into the District Spice story to:
* gain a fuller understanding of the process a small business must undertake as it launches;
* Explore lessons learned along the way by District Spice that may help you as you start your business; and,
* Explore opportunities for small business to get support they may need or even to collaborate with other small business owners.

Join us via chat box or via twitter at #CoffeeWithJeremy
Have a cup of coffee with us, and ensure that your voice becomes part of this collaborative discussion. Looking forward to our chat!

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