Customer Journey Mapping Aligned to Business Strategy

Today I am explaining the Service Capability Blueprint. The Service Capability Blueprint is an evolution of the Service Blueprint and Customer Journey Mapping. The Service Blueprint is great for understanding how the customer experience affects organisational processes. But it has its limitations; it doesn’t scale and is not suitable for informing business strategy. The Service Capability Blueprint overcomes this limitation, by connecting the Service Blueprint to Business Capabilities instead of Business Processes.

00:00 – Start
00:10 – A New Approach
00:53 – Limitations of the Service Design
01:32 – The Customer Journey Map
03:14 – The Service Blueprint
05:07 – Benefits and Limitations
06:33 – Capabilities vs. Processes
07:28 – The Service Capability Blueprint
11:58 – Summary

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Service Capability Blueprint PowerPoint template:
Service Capability Blueprint Excel template:
Capability Map Powerpoint template:

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