(Day 2) 31st World Congress on Leadership for Business Excellence & Innovation 2022

Excellence is a continual quest at achieving world-class standards, in all aspects of business. In today’s uncertain and volatile world, businesses are under an unprecedented pressure to perform. Business leaders need to align corporate strategy and execution, to position their organisation for long-term, sustainable growth and success in the global marketplace.

Business Excellence is rooted in transformational leadership, organizational capabilities and disruptive innovation with technological prowess. Considering looming sustainability challenges, businesses are investing in sustained growth, driven at the hinges of disruptive and frugal innovation.

To compete and thrive in today’s disruptive business markets, organizations and boards must align their corporate governance
practices with their leadership and technology goals. Processes and practices that reflect commitment to governance excellence are a critical differentiators for innovation and business excellence.

Today, organizations are using innovative technology to evolve, optimize, and digitize traditional corporate governance practices.

IOD looks forward to welcome your participation, in our endeavor to promote business excellence.

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