Digital Marketing: How to Grow Your Tik-Tok Business Account

This webinar will help you take your small business TikTok to the next level.

As the third-largest social media social network and growing, small business owners are leveraging TikTok to help build their online brand. As an emerging platform that continues to evolve, TikTok’s short videos, trending audio, and frequent posting requires a unique social media strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn pro tips on how to build your business using TikTok, including:
– How to know what TikTok strategy is right for your business
– TikTok trends & best practices to grow your community.
– How to create consistent, quality content that supports your online brand.
– Engagement tips to grow your followers.
– Advertising opportunities on TikTok

Guest Speakers:
– Laura Dunkley, Acorn Studio Marketing and Co. CMO and Principal Consultant
– Emily Watson, Acorn Studio Marketing and Co. Creative Director
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – @acornstudiomarketing

Hosted and Presented By:
IDEA Mississauga, Economic Development, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Division, City of Mississauga, is your central source for small business information, resources and guidance.  905-615-4460 @IDEAmississauga –  Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook  

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