Electrical Business Growth & Performance Management Platform

Here’s a phone conversation I had with a member who had been in business for 8 years before he started with us 6 months ago.

Before he started he said “I’m the same sole trader as I was 8 years ago with no growth, no money, struggling to pay my tax bills, seriously run down and lost connection with my wife.”


From just 6 months of implementing what he is learning in the Academy, support from the high-performance community, taking the time each week to use the Academy, he has doubled his turnover and put on 2 electricians and a VA to support him.


He said, “I only attend emergency jobs now. I’m home on time everyday and able to switch off at night with the Academy’s time management hacks I’ve leant.

My love life is better than ever and I’m mindfully present with my kids everyday and not worrying about work 24/7!

With 6 failed attempts to hire electricians and grow my business, the Academy has revolutionised the way I train and hold my team accountable to my professional standards.

I’m looking to put on my third electrician in the next month or two. I am literally on fire – I have more time, more money and feel free!” 🔥

👊 POWER TO THOSE who are willing to take the time to stop and truly assess their own situation honestly.

👊 POWER TO THOSE who are disciplined enough take the time to learn and implement strategies that work!

👊 POWER TO THOSE who want to help this industry grow by supporting one another rather than condemning and criticising those who don’t know.

This is why I started the Academy and exactly why I explode out of bed everyday. I want to see a healthier industry and lift the industry standard through education and not fear or prosecution or elimination.

Where could YOU be in 6 months?

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