Elevate Ag: Strategically Scaling a Business

We discuss 3 key things we consider pivotal moments or decisions in our business that took us to the next level to grow our business.

1.) Invest in ourselves and our business with learning material whether that is a free podcast or an in-person retreat. We have both taken several online courses. We even took a course on how to create and launch a course when we were getting ready for Elevate Ag.

2.) Outsourcing. We both outsource multiple things and that frees us up to either spend time in our business in areas that help it grow and move the needle or we outsource so we have more time with our family and spouses etc. There is no prize for doing it all, and we both believe in 100% transparency around the fact that we outsource several things to help our businesses run well and to help them grow beyond their current phase.

3.) Being strategic about our business and showing up to apps with intent. For pretty much everything we do online, there is a lot of strategies behind it and we discuss why we think that strategy has been key in helping us scale quickly.