EP138 – Case Study: Most Financially Successful Year Ever with Sherry Quam Taylor

My client Sherry Quam Taylor went from being overloaded with 37 clients to making dramatically more than she’s ever made before (and experiencing a ton of joy) doing longer engagements with fewer, ideal clients and getting stunning results.

She’s a consultant who shows nonprofit CEOs how to raise millions more in gen ops dollars so they can fund their strategic plan and increase budgets by 2 to 10x. With Sherry, their teams break free from the limitations of transactional fundraising and reimagine their entire approach to revenue generation, attracting investment-level donors who want to fund their work. 

She practically doubled her business and had her most financially successful year ever from working together – and in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, she shares how she did it.

Key areas discussed:

6:02 Why Sherry started working with Samantha 
8:20 Looking to take her business to the next level with a longer view, more confidence, and more consistency
10:10 Only offering to clients exactly what they need 
11:50 The key thing Sherry did that made a huge difference for her business
13:30 What it was like for Sherry to work with me 
14:40 The secret sauce of the groups I bring together
16:08 How she’s had her most financially successful year ever for her business working with clients she really enjoys 
18:18 Decreasing her number of clients and getting clear on her ideal client 
19:17 Becoming her own biggest client with better boundaries and more control over her calendar 
21:44 Not doing all the things (and why that’s okay!) 
23:22 Getting more confident in the deep value she brings to her clients
24:36 Investing in yourself as a leader 
27:25 The value of slowing down through the discovery process 

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