Essential Functions of a Small Business: Creating An Organisational Structure For Your Business

In this video, I share the essential functions of a small business. Why? Well, growing a small business (or any size business for that matter) requires essential functions that cannot be ignored. No matter what industry you’re in or what type of business you own, you must understand the essential functions your business needs to scale.

If you want to be the kickass CEO of your business that I know you can be (and avoid burning out) you’ve got to work on your business instead of in it.

So, what are the essential functions of a business? And how can you create an organisational structure for your business? Watch today’s video to find out and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this one!

In this video, I cover:

• Essential functions of a business
• Why you cannot ignore these functions
• How having these essential functions for a small business can help your business grow
• Creating an organisational structure for your business
• …so much more!

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05:00 Finance Function
05:52 Sales and Marketing Function
07:22 Customer Service Function
07:47 Operations Function
08:50 Rocket Fuel Book:
11:03 Admin and Management Function
12:00 IT Function
12:37 Legal Function
13:07 R&D, Production, Distribution
13:44 Purchasing
14:22 Creating an Organisational Structure for your business

What is the most important function in your business? – Let me know in the comments

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This video is Essential Functions of a Small Business: Creating An Organisational Structure For Your Business –


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