Everything You Should Know About Scaling Your Business With Social Influencers

There’s a quote from Sex and the City that’s often circulated on social media. “Sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner,” Carrie shares with a date. “I felt like it fed me more.”

Yet whiplash, once just a condition caused by a minor car accident or roller coaster ride gone awry, is now an occupational injury for any traditional media fan monitoring its recent trajectory. From the workplace misogyny unearthed by #MeToo, to pandemic-triggered lay-offs and the exposed racism toxicizing cubicle culture, the publications that once told us who to watch, listen to and even be, have been set alight. So, who lit the match?

Easy, Instagram. The content-sharing platform has presented a new world order. While to be ‘in vogue’ one needed to be, you know, in Vogue, now various online ecosystems have their own leaders: ‘influencers,’ who don’t necessarily need their name bolstered by a decades-old masthead to find fans. One by one, influencers have upended every creative industry — for better, or for worse. Fashion now gravitates toward followers. Musicians only need a few seconds of access to millions to achieve virality. Even fine art values and is valued via its online presence.

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