Free Customizable Badger CRM and Small Business Management System in Google Sheets

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This series showcases a customizable, free, and powerful CRM system built with Google sheets which includes records of customer interactions, individual client data sheets, invoicing with automatic PDF exporting, invoice tracking, business expense recording, and a host of other useful features.

The video guides in the series so far:

System Overview:

01 – Automatic PDF Invoices, Tracking, and Refinements

02 – Homepage, Navigation, Text Drawings, and Script files

03 – Log Book, Autofill Form, SUMIF, and Basic Analytics

04 – Copying, Customizing, and Reusing Sheets and Scripts

05 – Customer Data Sheets and Interaction Logging

06 – Invoicing, automated PDF export, and Invoice History

07 – Protection, Sharing, and Sheet Template

Template sheet to make a copy:

(Be sure to alter the FOLDER ID in the “Invoice To PDF” script file)

This video will give an updated overview of the entire Badger CRM and Small Business Management system, demonstrating it’s various features and tools.

If you require a google sheets CRM system specifically customized to your business, but aren’t sure where to start, then you can email me using the details on my About page, and I’ll provide a system which fits your needs.

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