Gregory Griffiths, Founder and Chairman of IDEAX Ventures and UCROWDME on Web 3.0 and Innovation

Gregory Griffiths is an entrepreneur, technology evangelist and huge advocate for the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals. Greg is the current chairman and founder of IDEAX Ventures, a global boutique consulting firm that specializes in Web3 (+Web2), Cryptocurrency, Technology and Innovation. He is also the founder of UCROWDME, a decentralised innovation and insights platform powered by web 3.0 technologies and professional investment deal portal.

Gregory Griffiths Interview Questions

1. How did you start your diverse journey of being an entrepreneur, advisor, and an enthusiast in technology and finance.
2. Energy drives the business and productivity: energy is the key.
3. Highlights of Greg’s work with IDEAX
4. How do you manage your different ventures, and what is your take on governance and challenges with crypto
5. How are you working to demystify the concepts about technologies and digital tools, and how do you build your ecosystems and networks?
6. Highlight the work of the organisations you are advising: The Block Space and CryptoNitro
7. Moving forward with IDEAX and the roadmap
8. Wrap up

Gregory Griffiths Biography

Greg has an honors Bachelor in Business Administration and Information Technology from RTE Business School, U.K., and Strategic Management and Innovation Specialisation from Copenhagen Business School. He also did an executive course in Corporate Strategy from UCL School of Management (UK).

Greg has held various executive levels at corporations including Spigit, Singtel Optus (where he achieved the largest corporate contract deal size value), Elcom and Nexon Asia Pacific.

Since 2004, Greg has been an active technology enthusiast, especially for blockchain technology and Web 3.0, and acted as Executive Advisor to tech companies like NZTwork, The Block Space, Credit Metaverse, and CryptoNitro.

He is also the Executive Board Member of AFEN Blockchain Network, a cutting edge NFT Project dedicated to the development of user-friendly blockchain solutions in real estate and education, arts & entertainment, and decentralised finance; and The Block Space, the largest Web 3.0 knowledge and talent space in the world.

He also serves as the Business Consultant at The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi Group of Companies in Dubai, UAE.

A Forbes Author and Technology Council Member at the Forbes Technology Council, he was awarded the ‘Frontrunner Award’ within Information Technology at the Go Global Awards 2021 (International Trade Council). He has also received the Noonies Award by Hackernoon, where the best writers, thinkers, hodlers, leaders, and makers of the tech industry are now recognised.

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