Group Homes Are Making Millions‼️ – Myrrie Hayes #293

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Myrrie Hayes – BKA The Group Home Queen – runs several residential facilities that serves severely mentally ill clients on a regular basis. It is her passion to take the hard cases.

– Serves adult clients by helping them to manage their mental illness on a 24/7 basis.

– She took a $12,500 investment and grew it to a multi-million dollar business.

– Many of her clients are people that were previously diagnosed with mental illnesses such as severe depression and schizophrenia.

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Show notes:
00:00 Podcast Preview And Sponsored By

02:41 Introducing Myrrh Hayes

03:39 Group Home Setup

05:20 Working With Different Age Groups

12:22 How To Enroll In The Business

20:13 Commercial Break

20:53 Cost Breakdown

31:20 Difficult Experiences

39:07 Group Home Model

40:48 Commercial Break

41:47 Executive Staff Structure

47:23 Process Of Duplication

51:02 Program Breakdown

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54:11 Podcast Prediction

58:19 Podcast Principles
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