How Do I Create A Marketing Plan For My New Advisory Firm?

I’m Brad Wales with Transition To RIA. This is video #37 of the Transition To RIA video series where I answer RIA related questions I get from advisors just like you.

One of the most exciting aspects about transitioning to the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model is creating your marketing plan for your new firm.  This is where you get to bring to life the vision you’ve always had of exactly how you want to position your firm in the marketplace.  What name you want to call your firm. The logo you want to use. How your website will appear.  The look, feel and message of your brand.

In this video I am joined by Claire Akin of Indigo Marketing Agency, a specialty marketing firm focused exclusively on independent advisors. Together we discuss everything you need to know about the steps involved with launching a marketing plan for your new advisory firm.

What I do: At Transition To RIA I help financial advisors understand everything there is to know about WHY and HOW to transition their practice to the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model.


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Brad: How do I set up a marketing program for my new RIA? That is today’s question on the Transition To RIA question and answer series. It is question #37.

Hi, I’m Brad Wales with Transition To RIA, where I help you understand everything there is to know about WHY and HOW to transition to the RIA model.

On today’s question, we’re talking about, if I were to start my own RIA, how do I go about setting up my marketing for that? Everything from marketing to branding, and what are the logistics and who should I work with on that? And so, I’m super excited, as you can probably tell on the screen here, to have a guest. I’d like to say hello to Claire Akin with Indigo Marketing. Claire, thanks for joining us today.

Claire: Yeah, thanks for having me. I’m Claire Akin, as Brad said, with Indigo Marketing. What we do is we help independent financial advisors with their marketing, everything from existing advisors that have been in the business for decades, to new advisors who are going independent or launching a new firm. And so, that’s what we do.

Brad: Fantastic. I would tell you…so anyone that’s seen a lot of my videos, I’ve made 30-plus videos now, this is the first one I’ve done with a guest, and so I’m super excited about that. And I think it’s very fitting, the topic, because I would tell you, if you are launching your own firm, that this marketing part of it is absolutely the most exciting, enjoyable part of it. This is where your vision will come to life. It’s what you’ve thought about the ideal practice you want to have, how you want to hold yourself out in the community.

What we’re going to be talking about today is how do you bring that to life? And that is the exciting part. There’s a lot of parts of launching your RIA that are necessary steps, but they’re just – it is what it is – they’re not exciting. This is an exciting part of it.

So, I’m super thrilled to have Claire on. I think it’s a fitting first video I do with a guest, and so super happy to go through everything we’re going to talk about here. As to why I asked Claire specifically, and like I said, Claire’s with Indigo Marketing, the reality is there’s a lot of marketing folks out there, a lot of marketing firms. Everything from industry-specific ones to, you know, that marketing person down the street or in the office down the block there. And the question is, so who should you work with?

Obviously, there’s different opinions on that, but I think you would find there’s a lot of marketing firms out there that just have very kind of cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf approaches. You can go to them and some even hold themselves out as, “Hey, we help financial advisors.” When you’re going to make this big of a move and start your own firm, you just don’t want that boilerplate package right off the shelf that it’s already done for you and the logo kind of looks similar to everyone else and the branding looks similar. You really want it unique.

I think something very special and unique to Indigo is that that is their approach is that they do look at these very individually. This is what they do, financial advisors, independent financial advisors only. Claire will give a little more background on herself and you’ll see why that’s her specialty. Con’t…..

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