How Do I Market My Coaching Business?

Most people curl up in a corner when they hear “marketing”. For most people, marketing seems super complicated, but it’s actually simple and it’s the best way to get more clients and customers for you and your business! Stay tuned to today’s episode as I share with you different strategies for marketing your coaching business.

00:18 You can be the best coach in the world but…
00:30 Reframe
01:51 Outreach
02:56 YouTube
04:02 E-mail Marketing
05:24 Social Media
06:22 Do your own events
07:06 Speaking engagements
08:07 Write a book
08:45 Blogging
09:25 Referrals
10:26 Facebook Ads
12:06 Funnels

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Michelle Villalobos

Video by Nate Woodbury