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Todd is the owner/broker of Home Property Management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where he has worked since 1985. Since he became an instructor for the Property Management Academy in 2005, Todd has been regularly speaking at property management conferences in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. He developed all of the training available online at, seen by thousands of property managers around the globe. Todd’s vision for the property management office of the future combines the best of technology and outsourcing to deliver world class customer service.

#VirtuallyinCredible is a division of Home Property Management that has helped hundreds of property managers around America, from offering useful and efficient techniques such as answering your leasing lines for you, to creating optimized video tours that you can show your clients/prospective tenants without having to drive up all the way to nowhere just to show them a house or two. We make it a mission to make your life easier and help your business grow because we understand what it feels like to be the one to work days, nights and weekends just to get your vacancies filled and having no time left for yourself or your family. We cut the time and work in half for you so you can take care of other things that matter and at the same time, help you reap the rewards and profit you deserve. When we answer your leasing lines and you use video tours, your bill goes down as well so we’re really a value-add for you. Oh, and your stress levels will go down a lot as well!

Plus, as experts on merging video and SEO, we can put your company on the map, get more people to visit your site and basically provide you with more business. We optimize your videos for maximum SEO results and put them up on YT for millions of people to see and in a very short time, you get your properties sold or rented out, faster than you can say “no vacancies.” Our tenant screening service will help you get quality tenants, tenants who will take care of your property like it was their own and pay the rent on time. We process the applications you receive in a timely manner and do the right thing on each application as well so you get the tenants you want. Our leasing line service ensures every prospective tenant gets their questions answered and appointments are scheduled so all you need to do is show up and get your vacancies filled.

We encourage you to spend time perusing our site, learn more about the services we offer and what we do. Then, check out our #VideoMasteryService, #LeasingLineService and #TenantScreeningService and you’ll find that it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Cut your days on market and vacancy listings in half, save more money, let us help you get more business and drive you to the top!

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