How To Assess Your Business Health Pt.1 | Small Business Finance Management 2020


Run a small business? Do you know if it is healthy? Today I go over how to assess your business’s health in this small business finance management run down…

Cashflow is the lifeline to a small business. Without cashflow, it dies. Same with how we would as well without oxygen.

In times of a recession or global crisis, you don’t want to end up being blindsided by the fact that your small business finances are in shambles. You don’t want to find out that you’ve got no reserves and have no safety net. That’s a nightmare.

Yet so many small business owners, restaurant owners, and entrepreneurs have no idea what their business health is at. This video is FOR YOU so you won’t be blindsided. So you will have the clarity of where your business is at and the many areas that you can potentially shave off to run a leaner business. This business health checkup is a must if you own a business.

So if you’re a restaurant owner, small business owner, startup owner, entrepreneur, this video on how to plan finances for small businesses, how to manage business finance, small business finance management, small business finance basics, and assess your business health is for you!

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