How To Be Successful at the Farmers Market

If you have a great food product that you just know is the next auntie Annie’s pretzel?

Or consider yourself a food entrepreneur…

opening a booth at a farmers market is a great first step into the small business world. An opportunity to learn and get real time feedback from your customers.

Some tips to get you started

Visit Markets Beforehand
Not all markets are the same. You need to find one that fits your product and your target market. Every market has its own culture and vibe. Do your research. Be aware of you need electricity or access to water.

Know the Rules
Every market has its own set of rule – both written and unwritten. Talk to organizers and other veterans of the market. Some markets have vendor fees and rules around when you can setup and breakdown, or parking.and know the rules for food production in your area. Any licensing or packaging that may be required.

How will your products stand out from the crowd? Is it your packaging? Varieties? Is it the product itself? Make it visible to those walking by.

Plan your space
Know how your displays work, and have a plan to use your space to attract attention and make it easy to buy. Showcase your products and have plenty to sell. Consider the look of your booth from table decorations to signage.

Use Checklists
Setup can be nerve racking and missing something critical can be stressful. make a checklist that includes everything you need to bring, including a chair, water and snacks for you..

Stand Up
Standing makes you more approachable to your customers. It is easier to engage and answer friendly and chatty, but not pushy.

Clear Labels
Label pricing. Label ingredients. Make it easy for customers to see pricing without asking. Consider adding recipes if appropriate.

Be Friendly and Talkative
When people approach your booth, greet them in a friendly way and make sure they know you’re available to answer any questions. Don’t be pushy, but do engage them in conversation when the opportunity presents itself.

Samples are a must. They not only bring customers to your booth but give the customer a chance to try your products before buying.

Have a Sales System
Make it easy to take payments. Have bags and extra wrap if necessary. Provide as many options as possible. And track your sales, you will still need to pay sales tax.

And promote
Use social media to share your upcoming locations, interact with your customers, and engage people outside of the markets.

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