How To Build 1000 Crore Brand? Shantanu Deshpande On Work Life Balance, Consumers & Branding | FO 62

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How To Build 1000 Crore Brand? @The BarberShop with Shantanu On Work Life Balance, Consumers & Branding | FO 62

In this latest episode of Figuring Out Podcast we are in conversation with Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company and we have discussed:

– Founder’s life
-Work life balance
– Team building
– Spending mentality in India
– The Global Market
– The consumer behaviour
– How to build a multi Crore Business?

Deepu Panicker, Rohit Jaiswal, Shantanu Deshpande, and RaunakMunot, all colleagues, launched Bombay Shaving Company in 2015. Shantanu was a software developer for McKinsey in the United States of America when it all started.

Shantanu’s curiosity was piqued after a casual conversation with a friend who was interning at Harry’s, a New York-based shaving company. Shantanu realised that India could benefit from a revolution in the grooming space after his friend mentioned how shaving brands in America are challenging the likes of Gillette and PRO.
Shantanu then surveyed his colleagues, relatives, and the general public about shaving practices and concluded that no one enjoys shaving because men despise the everyday routine. Bombay Shaving Company was born as a result of this.

Bombay Shaving Company raised $ 9 million in funding since its inception and now sells more than 40 products across four categories (shaving, bath, beard and skincare.)

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00:00 – Introduction
03:18 – Smaller cities are better than Tier 1 cities
06:38 – Why is greed good?
08:05 – Economy Vs Business in flights
13:36 – Flipkart Vs McKinsey
15:38 – Superpower of Founders
18:17 – How do you develop connection with your team?
24:15 – Raj’s biggest mistake in his entrepreneurship journey
26:19 – Biggest mistake of Shantanu in Bombay Shaving Company
29:49 – Founders should not be optimistic?
36:20 – Why did you choose entrepreneurship?
42:11 – Every successful person is privileged
44:05 – Wealth vs Privilege
50:38 – Parents on their kids success
54:45 – Biggest opportunity for our generation
56:51 – American Investment in India
57:27 – Story behind Bombay Shaving Company
1:04:50 – Large businesses vs startups
1:07:51 – Brands in India
1:11:52 – How to find the startup idea?
1:19:22 – How to judge the value system of Founders?
1:24:53 – 3 important things in startup ideas
1:27:32 – Most successful unsexy businesses in India
1:33:54 – Why Parachute is successful?
1:37:01 – Consumer brands in India
1:38:07 – Should businesses be profitable from beginning?
1:42:17 – How do founders make money?
1:47:13 – Work life balance
1:53:15 – Shantanu on his 18 hours work Linkedin post
2:00:14 – How to build a brand?
2:05:04 – Next big opportunity in India?
2:07:45 – How can we improve?
2:11:26 – Interview round for CEO of Bombay Shaving Company
2:17:22 – Conclusion

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