How to Create a Business Plan by Rhonwyn

Business planning doesn’t need to be scary, it’s meant to be simple. A well thought out but manageable plan means you’ll actively refer to it and use it as a tool in running your business.

From a one page overview to a complete plan for your business; business plans come in MANY forms and your planning should reflect your management style.

Make sure your business has every chance of success. Join us for this detailed session to learn the basic components and critical steps in the business planning process.

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.


Rhonwyn has been working with start ups since 2006 and loves everything about the passion and purpose of running a business.

With Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Behavioural Science, she understands the mechanics AND the daunting mental journey of starting, managing and growing a business. Rhonwyn brings humour and life into even the most mundane of business topics. Whether it’s learning your first email program, making your business WHS compliant, or even growing your emotional intelligence in Leadership, Rhonwyn will broaden your knowledge base and teach you that the rules of business start with you.

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About Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services
Digital Solutions is one of the most generously supported digital transformation programs for small business by the Commonwealth Government. This iteration of the program has been run by Business Station in QLD, WA and NT for three years and has had a significant positive impact on the small business community.

This event will give you the chance to learn about the details of the program, what’s on offer and who can access the free or highly subsidised support, training and resources! Perhaps you will find them beneficial for yourselves, your network or your clients.

To better understand what’s on offer, we will encourage each attendee to register themselves to the program before the event, or otherwise by attending this workshop, you will be registered.

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