How to Develop an Effective Ads Strategy on Facebook by Neda

An organic strategy alone won’t yield the results you want.
If you’re going to be successful on Facebook (Instagram), you need to supplement your organic strategy efforts with a good paid strategy.
Learn how to craft a Facebook Ads strategy that will help you spend your money and time efficiently, all while growing your audience and increasing your reach.
Join me live to learn How to Develop an effective Paid Strategy on Facebook (Instagram)
In this workshop you will learn;
Can I grow my audience without paying for Facebook Ads?
Goals of Organic Posts and Paid Ads
Getting Started with Facebook Ads (Overview)
The 3 phases of Facebook Advertising
This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.


Neda has 20 years of extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, growth strategy, operations management, project management, team leadership, asset management in Public-Private Partnership contracts, and customer service.
She built and sold 2 businesses of her own and worked with small, medium, and large businesses in industries. In her business journey, she has had a lot of successes and experienced a lot of mistakes along the way. This is the reason she’s passionate about helping businesses to make sure they don’t repeat the mistakes other leaders and herself made.
Neda helps businesses with:
Marketing and Advertising Strategy (online and off-line)
Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Advertising
Business and Personal Branding
Customer Journey Mapping
Sales and Marketing Funnel
Lead Generation
Creating Offers
Sales and Conversion process
Client Nurture
Business and Leadership Coaching
Squarespace website design and development

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