How to Effectively Incorporate Social Media into a B2B Sales Strategy

As we’ve learned this season, videos, emails, virtual events, and personalized demos all help to continue conversations with both prospects and buyers, but what about meeting prospects and buyers on the channel where they already spend a lot of their day (for better or for worse)?

That channel is social media, and if used correctly, it can be the secret to cutting through sales noise.

Julie Atherton, the founder of Small Wonder, a social media transformation advisory and marketing consultancy, has spent the past 15 years researching social media’s role in a buying cycle. Today, she joins Sammi for the Season 3 finale to share her best practices for starting, and continuing, conversations with both prospects and buyers through social media.

The Highlights:
(6:11) How Julie first got interested in social selling
(5:36) How the pandemic accelerated the need for social selling
(9:57) How social selling enables sellers to connect with potential buyers who are ready to interact
(14:39) How prospects can effectively engage their prospects on social media
(17:55) How a seller can use social media to continue building the relationship with a prospect
(19:55) How social media can help build sellers maintain relationships with prospects after the contract is signed
(23:13) Julie’s advice on what a good first message on social media looks like
(25:05) What unique insights social media can provide to inform future marketing & sales campaigns
(25:17) Where to find Julie online

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