how to grow your business/ business growth strategy.

This video contains tips on how to grow your business. We have a strong advisory board consisting of highly educated & experienced professionals in different disciplines and we solve critical problems as per the guidelines of the advisory board depending on organizational needs.
“Legal zone” is a business consulting and advisory services firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Legal zone is dedicated to improving business value and financial performance. Our company started in 2012 and now is well known Reputed consulting and advisory services firm in Dhaka. Legal zone business consultants have extensive experience in problem determination, solution formulation, and delivery. Each business consultant Legal zone provides brings skills in management, analysis, strategy development, finance, operations, information technology, workflow optimization, and project management.
We have a very organized and experienced workforce along with dedicated qualified professionals. We are committed to creating a congenial working environment. Our goal is to improve human resources through education, documentation, training, communication, and participatory decision-making.
Our most renowned Service is
1. Income Tax Filing for individuals and companies.
2. Internal and External Audit.
3. Company formation and company matter service.
4. Trade license.
5. BIDA Registration & others.
6. ERC, IRC.
7. VAT.
8. Trade Mark registration
9. Chamber of commerce registration
10. IRC & ERC renewal
of all kinds of business documentation in Bangladesh

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কেন বা কিভাবে ঢাকা চেম্বার অব কমার্স এন্ড ইন্ডাস্ট্রি এর সদস্যপদ পাবেন.

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How to change address in the trade license.
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what is a Supplier trade license
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