How to Make $10k Months as a Social Media Manager 🎙 Scaling Your Online Business 💥

Today is a video episode of Ellen’s podcast, Dishing up Digital! She’s share 10 steps to scaling your social media business to $10k months. From outsourcing and hiring help to raising your prices and productizing your services, this episode has plenty of helpful tips.

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Increasing your prices
03:41 – Productising your services & selling packages
05:56 – Offering more strategy & coaching
08:12 – Hiring help/outsourcing
09:03 – Organisation & updating your systems
11:22 – Invest & up-skill in your biz
13:43 – Carve out time for your own biz
14:58 – Multiple revenue streams
17:48 – Mindset & confidence
20:31 – Don’t forget about your mental & physical health

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