How To Make $20,000,000 – Bill Hauser #301

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This is the interview that you will potentially be empowered to make $20,000,000 as a result of listening. Knowledge of this info must be executed and you must take action on it.

Business Owner and author, Bill Hauser, endured adversity as a result of learning that both of his parents were suicidal. He went through a period of depression and anxiety which lead him to assess the reasons for their results. He learned that they didn’t have clear financial goals. This was the event that later moved Bill to develop a 10 year plan. His company embodies the core value which states that “All adversity is an opportunity”

Here are 4 phases in any business

Rain maker phase – Everything depends on 1 talented person with a few helpers. This is where most business stop. You must master sales to create capital.

Demand phase – Create demand for what you sell. How close is the attention you get and then turn it into money? Cold email/DM strategy.

Awareness – Leverage social media and make your audience more aware of your business brand.

Management – Most entrepreneurs won’t learn how to become a true leader. As soon as you get good in a particular area it’s time to delegate and empower someone on your team to do that same thing so that you can focus on somethings else. This will multiply you efforts. A few methods are pain of payment effect, group accountability effect the calendar effect.

Don’t your greatest gift be your great limitation.

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