How to make them trust you in a Social Media Age with Dontell Antonio

The content people see about your business has the power to convince and persuade them to engage and patronize you, who better to talk about the best content strategies than the passionate king of content! … Dontell Antonio has helped multiple business owners scale and earn more than they bargained for, and he joins AG to talk about branding, growth, and how to deploy time in your favor, he also shares secrets about
what drives markets to recognize great content, and why some businesses are bound to fail while others seem to thrive regardless of obstacles

“Your story has a message, and when you let people into your story, then the get the message” – Dontell Antonio

In This Episode:

• 00:00 Intro
• 01:27 Surviving against all odds
• 02:30 Value in authenticity as a brand
• 04:55 Growth and progression over time
• 07:53 Creating impactful content
• 09:30 Connecting with people’s emotions
• 11:20 Perspectives and shaping your purpose
• 14:30 Beating imposter syndrome
• 17:06 Looking inward and having the right mentality
• 20:17 Clarifying your vision

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